Each year 8 tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans. Plastic-pollution poses a grave threat to marine environments and natural animal habitats worldwide.

We know that a massive reduction of non-recycled, non-biodegradable plastic bags is imperative. We advocate a paradigm shift towards sustainability, whilst simultaneously balancing economic growth for businesses.

The only sustainable reputation is a reputation of sustainability.

Some corporations and countries have already banned single use plastic bags. We want to contribute to this change. But choosing a sustainable path does not equate to a shift towards paper bags. Paper production and paper recycling pollutes our air and deprives our natural water resources intolerably.

Make a smart choice and help us combat plastic pollution by choosing a sustainable strategy. Take a visible stance and show your costumers that you care about the environment and endangered species with Sustain-a-Bag®.


When choosing materials for Sustain-a-Bag®, the environment and climate are top-of-mind. We use recycled or biodegradable materials only.

The materials and the designs are suitable to be used again and again. Sustain-a-Bags® are completely flat prior to use and are easy to store, pack and transport.

Our materials are chosen so that they are as gentle as possible to the environment.

It is part of our concept that every material must be recycled and recyclable.

The materials are individually certified.

Among other things, our own development of 100% recycled marine plastic is the only one of its kind for carry-on with a certificate at the moment.

Sustain-a-Bag® is manufactured in three materials:


Ocean plastic is among other things old fishing nets that are collected and recycled instead of ending up in the ocean. In a Danish factory, old rope and nets are transformed into new plastic.

The desired shapes are punched out in the recycled plastic material.

Finally, your logo and message can easily be added to the final bag.


Felt is a natural product and is thus biodegradable. No animals are harmed during its production.

Your logo and unique message can easily be added to the material.


rPET is a durable and sustainable alternative to regular plastic.

It is created from recycled plastic bottles, and makes for a flexible, safe and non-toxic type of plastic.

Because rPET is made with very few and simple ingredients it is 100% recyclable.

Your logo and unique message can easily be added.


More than 30,000 species are in danger of extinction according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List. Most are endangered as a direct consequence of our way of living.

To make the connection between thoughtless use of climate hostile materials and the destruction of animal habitats clear, we have chosen to design Sustain-a-Bags® in the shape of endangered species. For every bag produced there will be made a donation of at least 5¢ to help endangered species, and the bags will carry a message informing of that donation.

The clients will be paying the donation in a lump sum upon ordering the bags. In stores the Sustain-a-Bag® concept will be explained, the organizations getting donations mentioned and we will promote the endangered species.


We have, of course, other options and are constantly developing our concepts further.

For example, we offer luxery bags woven of 100% re-used sea plastic.

The recycled sea plastic is spun into threads which are woven into very exclusive nets.

However, these are a bit more expensive than the original Sustain-a-Bag®.


A sustainable solution should be both visually and functionally desirable. Sustain-a-Bag® provides a fun, elegant and carefully thought-through concept for your business. Through a focus on shape, sustainability and support, we make sure your brand stands out.

Desirable design
Every Sustain-a-Bag® is shaped like an endangered species which is crucially dependent on clean natural habitats. Sustain-a-Bag® raises awareness about the need to improve conditions for these animals.

The unique Sustain-a-Bag® design secures high visibility for your products and it can be used again and again.

A Sustain-a-Bag® is a unique bag with a hopeful message.

Sustainable materials
Sustain-a-Bag® is all about material conscientiousness. Sustainability is considered in every part of the material supply chain. Sustain-a-Bag® materials are certified and composite in a way that secures optimal resource (re)use. Sustain-a-Bag® uses recycled ocean plastic (thereby stimulating business for those making it their mission to remove plastic from marine environments), biodegradable felt (thereby stimulating the market for further research into biodegradable materials) and recycled plastic bottles.

Development Goals (SDG)

Sustain-a-Bag® helps brands address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By recycling, by using bio-degradable materials and by supporting endangered species organizations, Sustain-a-Bag® is specifically relevant for:

By demanding our providers commit to a code of conduct on labour and environment, we are supporting decent work and at the same time promoting sustained economic growth and technological innovation.

Recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials, a unique design and a climate conscious production will inspire conscious consumption and ensure climate awareness.

Via sensible material choices and a focus on recycling, we lower the impact on the climate.

Sustainable materials and recycling are important values in our product. One important goal is to lower the ocean pollution whilst simultaneously raising awareness into endangered sea life.

An important feature of our material choice is that it does not require excessive land use for production. We leave the world’s wild nature unharmed. Further, we support endangered species economically and raise awareness.

About Us

For more than 25 years, I have created packaging solutions for big and small brands worldwide. Through the years, we have all become aware of the climate impact an unsustainable production has.

Thankfully, we see a growing demand for climate friendly, sustainable solutions from both businesses and consumers. However, I encounter a great deal of confusion with respect to what comprises the right sustainable solution. Therefore, I have founded Sustain-a-Bag®.

At Sustain-a-Bag®, we choose materials and create solutions which take into consideration the entire life cycle of the product and its sustainability profile.

Just because a solution is sustainable, the design does not need to be boring and simplistic. By shaping Sustain-a-Bags® as endangered species, we create an eye-catching and different solution to the regular shopping bag. Additionally, we raise awareness into plastic pollution and take a clear stance in the fight against the destruction of animal habitats. Do not hesitate to contact us for a sustainable solution for your business.

Kind Regards, Troels K. Rasmussen
CEO Sustain-a-Bag®